Monday, February 27, 2012

MYMM: "Which fork do I use?"

We consider ourselves foodies; we love food. Seriously- who doesn't enjoy eating? Being that it is second semester during my senior year, my friends and I (A) have been exploring new and exciting restaurants in New York City. We've been to some fancy(ish) restaurants, and one thing that struck me was the lack of knowledge regarding silverwear. We are a very cultured group, so I was alarmed to hear one of my friends ask which fork to use when we got our appetizers at dinner last week. Naturally, I remembered my etiquette lessons from childhood and went into a lengthy explanation as to why there are multiple pieces of silverwear and why. Glad those lessons proved to be of use...thanks Mom and Dad!

That pretty much explains it all. Here are some other tidbits of information about mealtime etiquette:
  • Silverwear used at a formal table setting should be all sterling silver.
  • Distance between place settings should always allow for enough elbow room for guests. Two feet from center plate to center plate is ideal. 
  • The plate is typically placed one inch from the edge of the table on the bottom. 
  • When you sit down, remember to place your napkin on your lap.
  • When you leave the table but will be coming back, put your napkin on your seat. 
  • You always start with silverwear placed farthest from plate first. Work your way in towards plate.
  • There are two ways to deal with your utensils while you are eating and after you have cut your food:
  • When you are done with your meal, you place your silverwear like this (either way will do) to show the server that you are done eating:

  • When you are leaving after a meal, leave the napkin on the table to make it clear to the servers that you have left and will not be coming back. 
Remember these rules of table behavior! Whether you go to dinner with a date, dinner function for work, or dinner with your friends, you should know what to do. Stay classy, ladies. 


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  1. SO important! Everyone should know these rules.