Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy One Month to KAK!

Wow, February 1st! One month has gone by since we started The Kennedys Amongst Kardashians! We can't express how much your support and comments mean to us. We've been loving blogging, and hope that we can keep going strong! 
We want to know what we can do in February and any post ideas! What have been your favorites so far?
With Love and Gratitude,


  1. Happy 1 Month! :) I'm sure you'll both enjoy many, many more... :)

    I love following this blog. I always find what you both write interesting. Which, speaking of what you -both- write, I love how there are two of you so there are two POVs. I think my favorite posts have been the "Mind Your Manner Mondays" - also you had a lot of great self-help advice at the beginning of your blog, and that's what got me to start reading your blog.

    From a follower excited to read more,
    xo Kristen :)

  2. Happy one month! So far I loved Mind Your Manners Mondays, the college interview tips, and the outfit ideas!

  3. Happy one month! Can't wait to see what February brings!

  4. You are all so lovely! We appreciate the comments and love. It means the world to us! MYMM will definitely be staying, and feel free to suggest always! xoxo, C+A