Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Being A Better You!

So it feels like Lent has really snuck up on us this year! Obviously not all of us recognize Lent, but it is undoubtedly a great check point during the year for our New Year's resolutions. Similar to New Year's, we should use this time, whether we recognize the holiday or not, to try to better ourselves; there is always room for improvement. Use this time to check up on your resolutions made in January and look to try to make more this month. Here are our lenten sacrifices/ measures of self betterment: 

My goal is to give up unhealthy snacking (this one is definitely going to be difficult for me)! Looking back on the last few months of 2012, I've been very good about following through with my New Year's resolutions to eat smaller portions and work out regularly. Despite that, I still have trouble avoiding those "grab it and go" snacks in between meals. I'm going to work really really really hard to avoid doing this!

For me, Lent isn't as much about "giving up" as it is making goals. My main goal is to write things down that I'm grateful for each day. I do this occasionally, but I think I take too much for granted and this is really the perfect time to recognize all of the gifts in my life. On a lighter note, I'm definitely going to try to use my time more wisely with regard to social media. My time on Facebook mostly ends in frustration, anyway!

What are your goals for this Lenten season? If you don't celebrate Lent, are you going to set goals for yourself anyways? 



  1. I'm giving up eating cookies, bars, and candy (super hard for me, haha!), trying to say one rosary a week, and getting rid of everything I don't wear anymore!

  2. I'm giving up Diet Coke and am going to go to the gym everyday! I was reflecting earlier today about how this is like a second chance at all of our resolutions, and y'all got it perfectly! XOXO