Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine Series: Day 6!

Some of our lovely readers might be fortunate enough to have a significant other to celebrate this holiday with. Here are how we would celebrate if we didn't have #singlegirlproblems!

1. Go to dinner. However, not just any dinner! If possible, go back to same place you had one of your first dates! How darling.
2. Cook for him or vice versa. That way it can be nice and intimate.
3. Watch your favorite movie(s). Lots of cuddling involved.
4. Do something you both love. Whether it's going for a walk, seeing a movie, or going to a museum.
5. Make fondue. If you have a pot, make fondue!! (or go out for some!) If I (C) had a boyfriend, I would definitely love this for Valentines Day!

Most of all, express gratitude for whoever it may be!!

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  1. On our first Valentine's Day together my boyfriend surprised me with a home-cooked dinner and chocolate covered strawberries. He also hid a dozen of red roses for me to find. Still my favorite Valentine's Day memory yet. :)