Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Piece, Three Ways: Leopard Flats

So one of our many mantras is "everything in moderation". Food, chocolate, shopping, neon, moderation! Notwithstanding, we follow the same trend when it comes to cheetah print. Tory Burch leopard print Reva flats are the perfect way to incorporate some sassiness without looking like Snooki. 

Look #1: This look, which appears to be a bit fancier, is one that we'd opt to wear to a special occasion. Whether you wear this to dinner with the family, a date, or a special event, this look is perfectly classic with a cheetah print twist. The simplicity of the dress allows for the statement necklace and the flats to stand out. 
Look #2: This look is the least casual of the three. The white oxford and the black skinny jeans allow for the flats to stand out as the standout element of the outfit. The classic pearls add a good balance to the edginess of the flats. 
Look #3: This look is by far the boldest of the three. The hot pink mini (by Nina Ricci- we die!) and the cheetah print flats combine to form a seriously fierce look. The black top does a good job of toning down the other two flamboyant pieces. 

What do you ladies think? Which of these outfits would you be most likely to wear?


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