Saturday, February 25, 2012

A's February Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things...for the month of February! 

So I got these for Christmas, but didn't actually start using them until this month and I just can't stop! I know this sounds a bit like a hyperbole, but these headphones make listening to music a whole other experience; the quality is amazing (just wait until you hear the bass through these babies). 
I was a little daring this month and decided to try wearing some red lipstick. I am admittedly a huge follower of the beauty gurus on Youtube, so when I heard so many great reviews about this lipstick, I went out to buy it immediately. If you're looking to try a red lipstick, I highly recommend Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle! I'm actually wearing it right now! 
I'm embarrassed to say it, but in the past, I had the tendency not to eat breakfast (sooo bad, I know). I'm definitely not a morning person, but this month I've been extra diligent to eat healthily and these bars have been my go to. Despite creating mass amounts of crumbs, these bars are the perfect (healthy) grab and go breakfast. 
Enjoy the fabulous quality picture I took from my blackberry on the left. #sarcasm
I don't like to play favorites with my favorites, but I think that these may be my most beloved item from this month. Although I've only had them for a week, they're amazing and I am legitimately obsessed with them. Sometimes I just look at them and hold them and touch them. That is all. 
Ok so this may seem totally crazy, but this stuff is amazing. No, I don't drink it or cook with it...I put it in my hair! As someone who struggles with dandruff (gross, I know) with changes in the weather, my dandruff shampoo just wasn't doing enough and I started putting distilled white vinegar in my hair. I massage my scalp with it and I no longer have any dandruff! An added plus is that my hair is now incredibly shiny and soft. This stuff is totally safe for your hair, so you guys should give it a try! 
I've had this Sigg for a while, but I've used it often this month and I love it! As someone who absolutely loves art, naturally I had to get the Keith Haring Sigg. To keep up with my healthy goals, I've been taking this to school every day and drinking water throughout the day; I refill it about 3 or 4 times and I feel so much healthier and lighter! 

If anyone has any faves in common or decides to try any of my faves (especially the white vinegar makeshift hair product) let me know! 



  1. I will def have to give the vinegar thing a try!

  2. That vinegar thing sounds great! And your Louboutins are fabulous!

  3. Let me know how it goes, Melissa! And thank you, Grace :)