Thursday, February 2, 2012

KAK Goes InStyle

We saw these super fun questions in the most recent InStyle questions. Jennifer Garner didn't have time to post them again-so we thought we would do the next best thing and answer them ourselves :)

Last Healthy Thing You Ate?
C: An Orange.
A: Grilled veggies.
Last Unhealthy Thing You Ate?
C: M&Ms (whoops!)
A: Red velvet cupcake...(in my defense, it was my birthday!)
Last Book You Read?
C: The Great Gatsby
A: The Scarlet Letter
Last Movie You Saw?
C: My Week With Marilyn
A: Moneyball
Last Make Up Item You Put on Today?
C: Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick
A: Nars "Orgasm" Illuminator
Last Argument You Had?
C: My sister over borrowing a sweater.
A: What to order for dinner with my sister.
Last Time You Cried?
C: Thursday.
A: About 10 minutes
Last Nail Polish You Tried?
C: OPI Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj Collection)
A: Poor L'il Rich Girl (Essie)
Last Clothing Item You Bought?
C: School T-Shirt (pathetic...)
A: J.Crew flannel shirt
The Last Red Carpet Look You Loved?
C: Reese Witherspoon At the Golden Globes 2012!
A: Jayma Mays at The 2012 SAG Awards! 
The Last Practical Shoes You Bought?
C: New Sperry Topsiders
A: Bean Boots
Last Impractical Shoes You Bought?
C: Soon to be 4.5 Inch Nude Pumps
A: 5 inch Louboutins that will be arriving shortly by snail mail (birthday present from my parents)!

If y'all want to answer these super fun questions, let us know! Comment and link below!

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  1. Super fun questions! And I think Louboutins are very practical, A! :)