Monday, January 7, 2013

MYMM: The Basics

With the New Year comes New Years Resolutions. Although we prefer calling them goals. It's always good to remind yourself on a few basics that most of us learned as quickly as we learned to walk. (I also took 4 years of etiquette classes at my club, so these are always the points that were drilled into my 6-10 year old head.)

1. Always make eye contact. Make eye contact with the Starbucks Barista. Make eye contact with your professor. Make eye contact with friends and family. Make eye contact with the Target checkout lady. It's SO important and forgotten by much of the younger part of society. If you don't make eye contact, people will think you're not listening or you don't care, especially elders.
2. Stand up straight. It's good for your back. It makes you look self confident. It makes you look taller and thinner (an added bonus!)
3. Master the handshake. A future MYMM installment will feature this art.
4. Sit with your legs crossed. Either at the ankle or over one another. No one likes to see you sitting like you would be on your couch while you're in class!
5. Remember your please and thank you. I swear that people are genuinely surprised when I say thank you at some places. Like they are taken aback. That should not be the case. [Funny story: At the tender age of four, my mom told me if I didn't say thank you within 10 seconds of receiving something, she would take it away. Yup, that happened at an ice cream shop. I watched everyone else eat ice cream, and I haven't forgotten that since.]

What are some MYMM basics we've omitted? Let us know! 

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