Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organization 101: Desk

With the new year, you're probably thinking about getting organized. One of the most important things to keep organized and well stocked is your desk. We thought we'd show you some of our must have desk supplies and how we keep it organized! (all photos from c's actual desk.)

Desk Drawer (small): things I use fairly often, but not constantly.
-Non Mechanical Pencils
-Glue Stick
-Singe Hole Punch
-Different Sized Lead
-Tape (Double Sided and Normal)
-Hole Reinforcers (for when my loose leaf isn't already reinforced, I'm obsessive about these things.)
-Back Up Batteries (for graphing calculator)
-Post-It Flags
-Compass (for drawing circles, or geometry based math classes. I used this more for drawing polka dots then anything, frankly.)
-Paper Clips (different sizes)
-Binder Rings (1 and 2 inch, used to keep index cards together)
-Index Cards
-Stationery (in the box)
-Sticky Notes (I'm beyond addicted to these things, this many is not necessary.)

The Pencil Cup: Writing utensils I use always, others not used as often, such as markers and colored pencils, are in a larger drawer below.
-Sharpies (Different thicknesses: ultra fine, normal, bold, metallic)
-Pens (Black and Colored)

-I also keep a stapler and 3 hole punch on my desk. I use them too often to not keep them there!
-In a larger drawer below, I keep coloring supplies (markers, colored pencils etc.), different papers, other stationery, backups of my favorite pencils and pens,  extra notebooks, binders, and folders.
-If you have an older desk like I do, then you have a spot for a keyboard! That's where I keep loose leaf and printer paper. I also keep a pad of post it notes.
-Leave the top as minimalistic as possible!
-Maximize vertical storage.

How of you keep your desk? Let us know!

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  1. My new years resolution is to get organized so I really enjoyed this post! I also have that pencil holder cup :) happy new year!

    Charlee Anne @