Sunday, January 20, 2013

Travel/Purse Sized Saviors

These are not your basic, average little bottle of Purell or mini advil bottle. These are much more fun, and great to keep on hand.

I'm not sure where you can buy these, because I buy them at a local pharmacy. These little soap slips are exactly what they say they are-little slips of soap. They are little sheets that come in handy when the  public restroom is out of soap (or frat house or someone's house) and they are a life saver while traveling. Especially in Europe, where soap is sometimes scarce. I know I've written a lot about something potentially "stupid" but I promise you'll love them. They are inexpensive-$3.00. My whole family has these at all times.

This little gem is awesome after the gym (in my post from yesterday) or in between events or errands. It's a savior!

These little emery boards are awesome to keep on hand. I got these from my aunt a few years back, and let me say they have come in handy for myself and my friends.

Is there any little purse savior that is unique you must have? We'd love to know!

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