Monday, January 14, 2013

MYMM: Gyms

Whether you have been a workout junkie for years, or working out was your New Years Resolution, many of us encounter the gym frequently. Gym etiquette is necessary (and sanitary frankly.) So here are our tips.

1. Wipe off everything you use. It doesn't matter if you were sweating or not. No one wants to sit on a sticky bike or grab weights that are still warm.
2. Limit your time on cardio equipment at peak hours. The rush hour(s) at the gym are typically 4-7 (at least at my gym.) During those hours, they have a 30 minute maximum on cardio equipment. It's good to give others a chance and keep things moving.
3. Dress appropriately. Make sure your covering places that should be covered, that your pants aren't too low etc. No one wants to see that, especially considering the variety of people at gyms.
4. Keep a distance if you're waiting for something. Others don't want to be watched or feel pressure.
5. Thank those who work at the gym, and those who used the treadmill etc before you. 


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  1. I always love these posts :) By the way I'm nominating y'all for a blog award tomorrow!