Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Semester Checklist

Most of us will be starting school again next week or the week after. While we certainly aren't rushing to get back to school, it's important to check off a few things so that we are prepared when we have to get back to the grind.

  • Purchase all books. Do you have every book for every class? Now is a good time to check book lists and schedules.
  • Make goals for each class. I always do this at the start of each semester. I make my goals attainable. For example: Read psych notes every night. Or, Raise up APUSH grade by one point.  Or, get an A on the presidential analysis. I always write them in my notebook of to do lists.
  • Check supplies. Do you have enough paper? Do you have a binder for your new class? It's good to know so you're not taken aback the night before your classes start.
  • Organize Syllabi. Organize those Syllabi that you have. It's good to have everything together.
  • Schedule significant dates. Do you have a day trip planned? Do you have a dentist appointment? Do you have a presentation? Schedule all of these on your calendars to avoid double scheduling!
Did we miss anything good to do before a semester starts?

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  1. Love the checklist! I just nominated you for Liebster Award on my page! Just got to my blog if you would like to participate! :)