Saturday, January 14, 2012

A's Winter Beauty Essentials

Don't you all hate the dry, rough, and chapped lips/skin that comes with the temperatures of the winter months? Here are a few of our favorite beauty essentials to survive the winter with feeling smooth and hydrated. 

My lip saver: Nivea Lip Care Essentials Kit. I got this adorable little set in my stocking for Christmas and I've been hooked ever since. Inside are "A Touch of Smoothness", which hydrates,  "A Kiss of Shimmer", which creates a radiant looking lip,  and "A Kiss of Milk & Honey", which soothes. All three products work together to create healthy looking and feeling lips. Also- all three have an SPF of 10!

My hair saver: Lush No Drought Dry Shampoo. During the winter, my scalp tends to get incredibly dry when I wash my hair every day (or sometimes every other day). At the same time, if I keep my hair down for an entire day, by the end of the day it feels greasy and I feel like I need to wash it. Its kind of like a vicious cycle and this product provides the perfect balance for me. I sprinkle this product near the roots of my hair, let it sit for 3-5 minutes, and then rub it into the rest of my hair with my fingertips to do away with any gray residue (it looks like baby powder so it leaves a bit of a gray tint). Love this product!

My skin saver: Olay Total Effects Daily Moisturizer. So I admit, my discovery of this amazing moisturizer happened after randomly finding a free sample in my house. I decided to try and see what would happen if I put it on a pimple before I went to bed and when I woke up, the pimple was gone! Then, I applied it to my whole face before bed the next night and I woke up to perfectly radiant and hydrated skin. Also- it doesn't hurt to start using anti-aging products now...hah! (Did I mention that I am terrified of wrinkles?!)

Has anyone else had similar experiences with these products? Care to share some of your favorite winter skin remedies?


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  1. Nivea chapstick is always in my bag! And a weird winter remedy I love is Gold Bond foot cream for cracked heels.