Friday, January 13, 2012

C's Winter Beauty Essentials

Don't you all hate the dry, rough, and chapped lips/skin that comes with the temperatures of the winter months? Here are a few of our favorite beauty essentials to survive the winter with feeling smooth and hydrated. 

My lip saver: Aquaphor. Truthfully, I have this everywhere (bedroom, purse, desk, car...)!! I cannot stress how important it is to use something like this before your lips get chapped. Once they really get chapped, you have to move onto the medicinal treatments like Carmex (the taste...yuck).

My knee/heel/elbow saver: Rosebud Salve. Rosebud Salve has been around for a really long time. And for good reason! I find that slathering this on post shower helps repair the moisture lost from the heat of the shower. Also, putting some on right before bed is really helpful! Plus, who doesn't love smelling like roses?

My favorite lotion: Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Lotion. My mother and I discovered this last winter and we cannot get enough of it. The smell alone is enough to make me want to use it all the time. It is really thick, so it lasts a long time. I also apply this after showering and I put it on my hands all throughout the day!

What are your skin savers in the winter? Do you like any of these products as well?

Stay tuned for A's winter beauty essentials tomorrow. 


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  1. I love Aquaphor and Rosebud Salve! Another essential of mine would have to be Cetaphil moisturizer.