Monday, January 16, 2012

Mind Your Manners Monday: Hostess Gifts

Everyone loves a good party! But, it's as important to be a good host as it is to be a good guest! How do you know when it's appropriate to bring a hostess gift? We've got a few simple guidelines that should get you covered! But, when in doubt, it's better not to show up empty handed.

A small gathering with family or very close friends: If it's an impromptu dinner at you brother's house or your childhood best friend's house, it's probably not crucial. However, it is crucial to offer to bring something (fruit, dessert, or salad). Even if the host says no, it's still polite to bake a batch of brownies or something small.
A cocktail party or larger gathering: Absolutely. My mother always says: if you get a mailed invitation, a hostess gift should be brought. For those of age, a nice bottle of wine and fun cocktail napkins always works. For those under age, flowers are always thoughtful.
A birthday or holiday party: Even if it says no gifts, it's still polite to at least write a card and bring something small, especially for a friend!

Rule of thumb: When in doubt, bring something! For those living on their own, it's great to have a few things stashed for last minute!

You can't beat this darling little turtle! Throw in a small votive, and it will surely bring smiles! At $5.50 from Bath and Body Works, you can't beat it!

You can never go wrong with some yummy Caramel Pecan Bark from Godiva! Anyone with be happy with this little treat.

A Lilly Coffee Mug would be such a fun gift to bring to a brunch or coffee! 

What are your favorite hostess gifts? Do you have any other MYMM ideas??


  1. I always like to bring food of some sort (depending on the occasion/asking first) on a nice serving platter. That way, the food is a gift during the party, and they can keep the platter for their own use later. :)

    ~Kristen~ :)

  2. Great tips! I totally agree about always bringing something to a birthday party, regardless of if they say no gifts!

  3. Kristen-My mother does that about 90% of the time! It's tried and true!!
    Grace-:) Totally agree!!
    Thanks for reading ladies!