Monday, January 30, 2012

Mind Your Manners Monday: Facebook Edition

Facebook is something the vast majority of us use frequently. However, it's important that we are not annoying and that we stay polite, and well, mind our manners!

1. It's your status-not your diary. It's so not necessary to write about every little thing. No one wants to read about your debate between eating an apple or an orange for breakfast. Those kinds of things go for twitter more than facebook.
2. Don't brag. Another thing that irks people is constant bragging. No one wants to come off as pretentious to 853 of your closest friends. Even if you are going meet Lady Gaga at her concert in London, don't make it your profile picture, status, or other wall post.
3. Avoid PDA. End of story. No one wants to see any form of PDA between you and your significant other.
4. Do not send out millions of app requests. Nothing drives me crazier than "farmville" or "quiz" requests on facebook. It's annoying, and chances are, the other person is not interested.
5. Refrain from adding strangers. It makes it more awkward if you do meet in person, and it's rude and confuses the other person.
6. Lastly, If you wouldn't want your grandmother, mother, boss, or professor to see your facebook, it's probably time to delete some posts.

Keep minding your manners, lovelies!


  1. You know what my biggest pet peeve is? When people "like" relationship breakups. I mean really, who does that? Love the post :)

    xx Emily @

  2. Love your blog! What a great idea! Now following! :]

  3. Amen about PDA and statuses!! This is all so true, haha.