Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day Six: Time Management and Organization

The sole reasons for our  sanity and well being is organization and time management. We literally do not know what we would do without our planners (touch them and you're dead). In our crazy and hectic lives, we need some order to keep us sane. In 2012, work towards a more orderly and organized life!

  • Buy a planner! Make it fun by buying a cute and colorful one! If you can't get your hands on a colorful one, decorate the cover of a plain one with pictures of your favorite things or even inspirational words or quotes. I (A) write anything and everything school related in my planner (i.e appointments with teachers, extra help sessions, exams, classwork, events, projects, ect.) to keep make sure I'm always on top of my game and never forget anything. A great way to incorporate lists into your planner is by keeping post-its handy to write on. Whenever you make a new list, just stick it right into your planner and you can easily remove it when you're finished with it. 
How adorable are these Sarah Pinto planners?!
  • Keep a calendar in your room. I have a large calendar that I put on the desk in my room. The size is great because the daily boxes are huge and there is plenty of room for writing! I designate this calendar for non school related things such as appointments, charity events, birthdays, parties, and I even keep track of my community service hours on it as well. If you have any non school related to-do lists to add, use the post-its on the calendar as well!
  • If you're more technologically inclined, make use of the calendar you have on your phone or i(insert apple product here) to keep track of things. The great thing about the aforementioned technology is that you can program an alarm to go off as a reminder for you. Some schools even have programs where you can sync the school's online character onto your phone. How cool is that? Although I'm more traditional and prefer to write things down, I (A) always add my social schedule to the calendar on my phone. My blackberry is literally attached to my hip and I never go anywhere without it, so if I'm out and happen to forget my to glance at the calendar on my desk, I will always be able to check the calendar for any to-do's or events just in case. 
Um...why can't a trip to Paris be on our calendars?!
  • With regard to binders and for your classes, we highly recommend picking a color to assign to each respective class. Color coding makes your pile of school supplies much easier to organize. Did we mention that everything is better when its colorful? Also, dividers are great to use in binders to separate information from different chapters or units. 
  • Time management is key. Wherever you chose to write your assignments down, choose a certain time to start the assignment as well as a certain amount of time that you'd like to designate for the assignment to be worked on our completed. This technique keeps you on track and helps to avoid procrastination. Scheduling really helps to keep you from falling behind in your work. We know its hard...but do not fall victim to procrastination!

Don't let this be you on your bestie's birthday!

Managing your time and staying organized will lead you down the road to success! But seriously, your life will be so much more orderly. More lists equal less forgetfulness. Less forgetfulness equals more organization. More organization equals less stress. Less stress equals a happier and more fabulous you! 


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  1. Those Sarah Pinto planners are so cute! I definitely think I'll use one once my Lilly one is finished! I already do the colored binder thing, too. :)