Monday, January 2, 2012

Day One: Get More Exercise

Getting enough exercise is a really common goal for the new year. Here are some of our favorite fun ways to stay active!

  • Simply do jumping jacks, push ups, or crunches during commercial breaks while watching TV. This is one of the easiest things anyone can do! This can get your heart rate going and won't take up much time. This is also great to do while you take a study break! If you add this into your daily routine, you can work out without even thinking twice about it and these extra steps will definitely give you results!
  • Work out with a trainer. Although this may not be an option for everyone, if you can, working out with a trainer is one of the best ways to guarantee success. I (C) have been working out with a trainer for a few months and have noticed a huge difference. It forces you to exercise while catering to your specific goals and needs. If you don't see your trainer every day, try to do your "homework" by keeping up with your exercises on your off days. Another added bonus to having a trainer: many of them can be rather attractive :) Wouldn't having Jillian Michaels to train us all be a dream come true?
  • Replace your desk chair with an exercise ball. Not only is this fun, but it also will strengthen your core while you're just studying or working on your computer! You can find them for as little as $15 at your local target.
  • Not sure what exercises to start with? Use online work out videos! They're the updated version to work out DVDs and are available for free on many websites. A fabulous source that I've enjoyed is VideoJug. You can easily search for exercises that cater to your specific areas of concern as well as random and fun workouts! The best part is that they are all filmed with professionals, so you can be sure it's done the right way. Hidden bonus: many of these clips have British accents! Talk about amazeballs! 
  • Get your friends involved! You will likely be more successful if you have someone else trying to achieve the same goals as yourself. Friends can add motivation to work out, especially if you exercise together! This can be as simple as taking a walk or a jog, or going to the gym together. 
  • Bored of your typical workout? Try a new and exciting form of exercise! Check your local YMCA or fitness studio for classes that may interest you. I (A) have recently become hooked on barre workouts after being introduced to them by a friend. Barre is the perfect infusion of ballet, Pilates, and yoga techniques while aiming to give you a long and lean dancer-like physique. Um, are you convinced to try it yet? Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! 

Let us know if one of your goals is to get more exercise! What are you going to do to exercise more?
Stay watching for the rest of our series this week!



  1. Great ideas! I work out with my crew team, but I'd love to replace my desk chair with a balance ball!

  2. Hi Grace! That's great! The desk chair swap is fabulous. My whole family actually does this at our house (too silly for my dad's office, however!) We all love it and find it to be a great balance exercise!! xoxo, C