Friday, January 6, 2012

Day Five: Dress to Impress

Every young and elegant woman wishes to make changes to their wardrobe from time to time. Maybe you're looking to try more colorful clothing items? Maybe you would like to dress up more? Maybe you want Here are some our tips to "dress to impress!" 

  • Try to designate one day of the week where you don't wear jeans. This can be a fun alternative for running to class or weekend errands. Not wearing jeans allows you to play around with pieces you own. Here are a few examples of easy "non denim" outfits! Side note: Check out our tumblr and polyvore accounts, linked on the side! There you can find many other inspirations, and our personal outfits! (Thanks to our blogging friend, agracelamb, for the inspiration on this one!)

  • This leads into our next idea: corduroys. Cords are classic and elegant. Cords work essentially as jeans do. They are super easy to throw on, and go with a wide variety of things. Cords offer an instantly polished and pulled together look. Cords can be found in a wide variety of cuts and colors. (note: take on colored cords similarly to the new colored denim trend!) We love J.Crew cords! Check out their options below! Many stores are having great deals, so check them out to stock up!
  • Keep track of what you have been wearing! You can do this either via polyvore, or just by taking a simple mirror picture on your phone. This will allow you to see what has worked for you in the past, and what you haven't worn in a long time. Below, you'll see two example of "OOTD" posts from C and A! (First OOTD-C, Second OOTD-A!)

  • Invest in some classics. Five items that we feel are crucial to invest in: a navy blazer, well fitting jeans, a great white shirt, riding boots, and the perfect little black dress. These will never go out of style, and they will all last forever, if properly maintained.
  • Look for inspiration! There are so many websites all over.-WhoWhatWear and PeopleStyle are great for celeb looks. Tumblr is a great niche, and many fashion blogs all over the internet! Of course, check here for some of the best fashion posts of all :) And of course, the magazines: Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, and People StyleWatch to name a few!!

What are you going to try to do to be more fashionable? Are you going to use any of these ideas? Let us know below!


  1. I always pick out good pieces when I shop but I have noticed that I stick to five colors! Black, Navy, White, Pink, and Baby Blue. I want to add more colors and this article just reminded me! Next time I go shopping I will pick out or orange!

  2. You go girl! Although, I can say that I love all of those colors! I'm also a grey girl! Thanks for the comment and for reading! xoxo, C

  3. Hi Missy-Thanks for the comment, and thanks for following us on here! xoxo, C and A

  4. These are such cute outfit ideas! Unfortunately, I have a uniform, but I still love dressing up a bit on the weekends.

  5. I just saw this and realized you used the outfits you made me, C! Love it :) I've been trying to dress up for class this semester and avoid getting into a Greek crewneck and jeans rut and this is a great reminder that it's NOT hard!

  6. I did-two purposes, right? Thanks Hannah and Grace! xoxo C