Monday, January 9, 2012

Mind Your Manners Monday: Thank You Notes

Introducing a new feature...

On Mondays, we are going to write an etiquette post. These posts will range greatly, from thank you notes to remaining poised in a potentially awkward situation. We also want your suggestions! So comment below or drop us an email about a manners dilemma you would like us to cover.

So, Everyone has written all of their thank you notes, right? (We won't tattle if you haven't gotten around to it yet!) My family (C) has a 48 hour policy with writing thank you notes; which actually helps a lot. My parents are very adamant on writing notes in a timely matter. Handwritten notes will never go out of style! It's more fun to open and envelope in your mailbox, rather than your inbox.

Sample: Family Members (Concrete Gift: the most straight forward.)
Dear Aunt Jane and Uncle John,
I just wanted to thank you for thinking of me this Christmas. I really love the Kate Spade necklace. I'm planning on wearing it to my friend's party next weekend! It is certainly a piece I will enjoy wearing for many years to come. It was so great that you could come into town for the holidays. I loved spending time with you, and I hope to see you soon!
Love Always,

Sample: Gift Card or Money
Dear Grandma Martha and Grandpa Mike,
I just wanted to thank you for thinking of me this Christmas! I really appreciate the (gift card/money). I'll be sure to spend it wisely! I am looking forward to looking at new wedges for spring time. It was really wonderful to spend time with you on Christmas. I hope that I can see you soon!
Love Always,

Sample: Holiday Party Thank You
Dear Sarah,
I hope that you had a lovely holiday season. I wanted to thank you so much for hosting your annual ornament exchange! It was so lovely to spend time with you and our other fabulous friends. Those Christmas cookies you made were fabulous, and your decor was beautiful. Hopefully we can meet for coffee sometime soon! Thank you again!
Love Always,

Brief Pointers
  • Never mention the amount of money or the gift card value. 
  • Be sure to say how much you appreciate the thought, and beyond the actual gift!
  • Have fun with it, be creative in what you say!
  • Try to write them within a week, however, it's better late than never.
It wouldn't be a fun post without a few cute cards:

Have you written your notes yet? What is your favorite stationery?


  1. Flawless thank-you notes. Seriously, I'm always amazed at how many people my age have no idea how to write these!

  2. Great notes! I always hate when you get one that's like, "Thank you. I love it." haha.

  3. That's too funny, I was just finishing the rest of my thank you notes tonight!! My mother has made me write thank you notes....well, since I could hold a pen!!

  4. Thank you girls! I'm so glad that we aren't the only ones who see the value of thank you notes! XOXO, C