Tuesday, August 21, 2012

5 Necessary Things (often forgotten) To Bring To College

This post was inspired after listening to my cousins give advice to our other cousin going away to college. Basically, this is all stuff they wish they would have had in school, but kind of forgot! I had to pass on the wisdom to our fellow readers!

1. Sewing Kit. Your button falls off of your Chambray Popover, a staple in your closet. You can't fix it unless you have a sewing kit! Also, if you don't know how to sew, now would be the time to learn. Even if you can't master the art, a friend should be able to help out!
2. A Bathing Suit (or 2). Even if you don't live on the coast, chances are that in August, someone will live close to college and have a pool in their apartment and invite you to swim. You wouldn't want to turn that chance down, would you? If you're at school near the coast, you might want to bring to for a random beach weekend!
3. A Box of Rice. Yeah, this one is so crazy. But after listening to my cousin tell the story about how her iPhone got knocked into the toilet in her bathroom, she really regretted not having this! Think about how easy it really is to get that phone waterlogged. If it gets broken, you have to deal with a logistical nightmare of replacing your phone (see next necessity)
4. Legal/Important Documents. No, not just your SSN, Insurance, License, and Birth Certificate, but things like cell phone contract info, laptop insurance, college payment information, and medical records. Why? You'd rather have these now then need them and have to call up mom to send them!
5. Headphones (x2). Why? These things tend to get lost all the time (ask me, I lose them like nobody's business!) Leave a pair in your school bag for libraries, and one on your nightstand for that loud roommate!

Hope this advice helped you like it helped my cousin! What do you think is often forgotten but needed at school?



  1. Great advice! I know my sister wished she had brought a drying rack; the dryers at colleges can be shady.

  2. A fan! It was super hot in the room and having the window open didn't help much. Also, a reminder of home...a favourite blanket, stuffed animal, etc.