Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just "Brow-sing"

Back are the big brows. Full brows are natural and beautiful. Gone are those little so called baby eye brows. The fullness is back and I love it. It's something I've been working on myself-so instead of waxing, try this!

Don't these just look more healthy and natural? There are a few steps to simple full brow maintenance.

1. Brush Them. They make these super perfect little eye brow brushes to groom them. Here is a great one from Spear that I have myself.
2. Tweeze them as needed.
3. Stop Waxing. This is hard for me, and I'm sure that I'll get mine waxed again at some point, at least for some maintenance, but they take away the fullness!
4. Get a brow gel. I purchased Benefit Speed Brow, which I do really like. However, it was very expensive for .1 oz. Other brands make them triple the size for $5-6 more. I'll go that route the next time. Brush the gel on and use your brush for the arch.
4. Fill in brows if yours happen to be sparse. They make powders for this, but eye shadow in a similar color usually works too!

Do you love full brows? Will you be keeping yours fuller this fall?

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