Monday, August 20, 2012

Keeping In Touch With Friends

It's that time of the year. You're going away to college or your friends are going away to college. You might be a senior at a school in Connecticut, your best might be going to school in California. Your close group of friends will be at schools in Ohio, Florida, New York, and Texas. How do you keep in touch?!

1. Set times to skype/call. Or days! Maybe you have a last minute conflict-don't sweat! Sundays are always good-that's when lots of homesickness kicks in, you'll want to be in contact!
2. Text your friends randomly. The girl in your freshman seminar has that same backpack as your bestie? Text her and say it made her think of her! Just send a hope you have a good morning text to your friends occasionally. It will for sure bring a smile to their day!
3. Keep up with their tweets/facebook/blogs. You'll be able to stay in the loop without talking to them!
4. Start a group text. GroupMe is a great app for your friends with iPhones! It's super easy and quick. Plus you can share dorm room pictures, mixer pictures etc.
5. Plan to see them when you're all home. A lunch or dinner at your favorite local restaurant and watching movies usually does the trick!

How will you stay in touch with your friends?


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  1. I love that you did this; two of my best friends just moved to Austin and Montreal! Group texts really are great, and Skype is the best!