Saturday, August 25, 2012

Three Product Face

You have an 8AM class. You're just going to Starbucks and coming back right away. You're super tired and have a migraine. Of course, you feel bad about yourself or you're rushing. But, you're interested in that hot guy in your French class. Alas, the three product makeup regimen. 

This is perfect for when you oversleep or you're only going to be out for a minute, but you just want to have a little something on your face.

1. Mascara: Always a quick and easy swipe, but will make a huge difference in your eyes!
2. Highlighter. Super easy, will give you a little bit of a glow, but it's not blush/bronzer.
3. Lipgloss. Some semi-neutral lipgloss is great to throw in your purse.
(add cover up if needed!)

Do you ever get ready in a pinch-what are your three must haves on a rushed/lazy makeup day?

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