Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Email Request Part 1: Class College Outfits

One of our readers emailed us and asked us if we do a post on fall class looks. This reader said she found herself gravitating towards jeans/sweaters/boots/scarves all fall. (and who could blame her?) Here are our ideas to help her branch out!

Look 1: The big sweater and leggings. This is the warm and comfy but put together look. Throw over a puffer vest and some great black boots and you're set. (note: I thought the leggings were black, but now I'm thinking they aren't. I had the intention of them being black, my apologies.
Look 2: Cords and a cute top. Cords are a great alternative to jeans. They are comfortable but so put together. They are as easy to find outfits for as jeans are, but they are just that one step above. (I'm obsessed with this top!)
Look 3: Colored and jeans and bold sweater. This is a great go to fall look-nice and bold. Still comfy and chic. Throw on some loafers and you're set.

Part 2 comes tomorrow!

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