Friday, August 17, 2012

A's School Supply Necessities

I have to be honest, one of my favorite parts of preparing for school to start is the mass amount of supply shopping that goes down. I'm a huge fan of big shopping outings to Staples or Target to buy all of the necessities. Without a doubt, my top 5 school supply necessities are as follows...

01. Planner: This is undoubtedly the most important school supply in my eyes. My planner keeps my organized and together. My planner helps me avoid being forgetful. Basically, my planner keeps my sane. The large Lilly Pulitzer planner is my go to! 

02. Index Cards: Preferably neon (just because). They're great for vocabulary and key terms. They're especially good for writing down key information when preparing for tests. 
03. Highlighters: These come in such handy if you're like me and you get overwhelmed by long reading assignments! They're great for identifying and highlighting important information in a book or long passage. 

04. Paperclips: They just make organizing so easy! Especially if you don't have a stapler on hand, they make it easy to group different papers and files together easily. 

05. Post Its: Post its can really serve so many purposes. Personally, I like to use post its as reminders. I stick them all over my desk and my laptop to remind myself of everything from project deadlines, lunch dates, birthdays, and even KAK posts! 

What are your school supply must haves? 

C's top five is tomorrow! 



  1. This could easily be my top five too! Love school supply shopping :)

  2. my lilly planner is my life!! so excited to get a new one for the new school year :)

  3. Planners are SO essential! I think I would literally crash and burn without mine, haha. I love the neon index cards, too!