Wednesday, August 22, 2012

8 Great Bags To Bring To Campus

Packing up for college? Here are some of the obvious (and not so obvious) bags that you should bring with you!

1. Large Longchamp (other variant of tote.) We love our Longchamps. We carry them everywhere, and think everyone should bring one to campus or another variation of "grown up" and durable tote bag!
2. Coin Purse. Fill one up with quarters! Frequently, You'll need these for laundry! Do yourself a favor and fill one up now, so you're not fishing around your bag for spare change.
3. Backpack. If you have a heavy load of books to go to class or the library, it will save your back a ton to have a backpack!
4. An Inexpensive Crossbody. No one wants to bring an expensive Kate Spade crossbody to bars or frat houses. Buy an inexpensive one (i.e Forever21) that can get destroyed so you don't have to stress over your bag!
5. A Cell Phone Wristlet. This saves you so much hassle! We've already posted about this here, and we still are passionate about ours. Perfect for going to the dining hall when all you want is your swap card and phone.
6. A Nice Leather Bag. This is professional for anything formal you might have to go to, or interviews, or other meetings. It's good to start practicing for the real world when those Vineyard Vines tote bags won't always cut it!
7. A Duffel. Perfect for going overnight or for a long weekend. These are much easier to store than suitcases!
8. Laptop Bag. It's essential to keep your laptop protected. Whether you want an actual bag or just a sleeve, they are both crucial to have. Added bonus: so many cute and still protective ones actually do exist!

Anything we forgot?? 

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  1. I really need to invest in some type of #6! Great ideas!