Saturday, August 18, 2012

C's School Supply Must Haves

Naturally, my favorite part about going back to school is school supply shopping! Yes, I am that crazy neurotic girl who has to have very particular everything, but whatever gets me to study, right? Here are my top 5!

1. PB Teen Pencil Case: How cute is the print on this pencil case? They have many other super cute prints, and they are super durable and a great size! Another great part? They only cost $9.50, and you can get them monogrammed!

2. Pilot G2 Pens: These are the only pens I'll buy! They are really great-thick print, but they don't bleed. They are definitely pricy, but they last a long time, as long as you don't lose them ;)

3. Five Star Reinforced Loose Leaf: Once you try this out, you'll be totally converted. It doesn't bleed through and it doesn't tear out of my binders! You can totally buy it on sale now-so stock up!

4. Jumbo Paper Clips: These are the best things ever. Not only do they look cool, they serve a purpose! Page marking in my textbooks! I just move them around to keep track of units/chapters. Also great for marking the weeks in your planner!

5. Sharpie Generation Highlighters: These last a whole year. They don't smear. They are super cute. Enough said!


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  1. Pilot G2s are my favorite, too! And I love that pencil case; it's quite the steal!