Saturday, August 11, 2012


1. The white J.Crew jorts. I picked these up on a super sale (read $19.99) and wasn't sure I would even wear them much. Yeah, it was a total impulse purchase because I couldn't resist the price. I've been wearing them constantly. They offer more flexibility with the length and they're so comfy!
2. The Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral. Ok it's a little pricy at $22.50, but I am so glad that I own one. It's not something I'd buy many of because of the price, but man does it last forever and soften my lips! It is wonderful, and it gives a great color.
3. Benefit Watts Up. This was another impulse buy at the beginning of the summer and I wear it when  I want to only wear that (read: every single day.) It's super easy to apply and literally makes you glow! I wear it on my upper cheek bones and at my brown bone.
4. The Kate Spade New York Gold Coast Ginnie. This was a summer treat after working many long hours. I am so glad that I treated myself to this beauty that I'll use for years to come!
5. lululemon athletica Swiftly headband. This was something I bought because I'm a headband addict and I love the lululemon ones! It's scalloped and so cute, and I think it stays in much longer than the plain slipless headband!
6. Watermelon. This has been a total obsession lately. I think we eat like 4 watermelons a week in my family (no exaggeration, they are that good this year!)
7. Essie Penny Talk. This polish has been getting mixed reviews, but I loved it! I didn't think it was streaky at all and I also thought it was an amazing rose gold!

Let me know what you love!


  1. I absolutely love the Fresh Sugar lip balms! They are my ultimate fave!

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally looked at that coral Fresh lip balm last night at Sephora and decided against it, haha; now I wish I had gotten it! And Penny Talk looks so gorgeous to me!