Sunday, August 19, 2012

Makeup Haul

It's C here! I just wanted to share some of the makeup I've purchased in the last month or so! (no, I didn't buy all of this at once!) A will be sharing some of hers too in the near future!

Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick: a tried and true favorite. I ran out of my old one! I use this constantly, and have been since 8th grade!

Benefit They're Real Mascara: So in love with this-I had to replace it after mine got mixed up and lost, but it's a great formula and makes your lashes huge!
Urban Decay Primer Potion: I don't know how I didn't prime my eyes before this summer-they make a huge huge difference. Your eyeshadows last longer and don't crease. I might purchase this in another color so I could wear it alone on lazy days!

Sephora 500 Point Award-I knew I had to snatch this up!
Benefit The Porefessional Primer: Pretty good sample size, I have not tried it yet, but will definitely see how I like it and have heard great things!
Mini Benefit They're Real Mascara: Yay! This one is already in my purse!

Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer: I already love this stuff so much and it hasn't even been a week. It's perfect for medium/fair complexions and it smells great! I can totally tell it's a brown based bronzer, and not orange like so many others are!
NARS Lipgloss in Orgasm: I totally have contemplated buying this color for a long time, but the $24 price tag held me back. I am so glad I bought it! I love love love the color and the shimmer makes it a great basic gloss, and it's also my favorite blush. However, I don't really love the taste/smell of it compared to SmashBox and Revlon.
Benefit Speed Brow Eye Brow Gel: This is an odd little product. It's basically to keep your brows groomed and under control. I love it! I love that full brows are in for fall, so I didn't want to wax mine but I knew I needed a little extra help to keep mine from looking unruly! It's super easy and has made a huge difference for me.

Have you bought any new makeup recently? Let us know!



  1. That is the one drawback with NARS glosses- the taste/smell. I wish they'd fix that! Otherwise they're truly fantastic. Great haul. Let me know if you continue to love that bronzer. I may end up buying it.

  2. I need to try a shimmer brick! And that bronzer looks like a really good shade; I might look into it!

  3. Ahhh I just got the 500 point for the Porefessional and They're Real too!!! I love the NARS glosses, not as much as my Revlon for the same reason as you and Han.

    xx - Danielle