Friday, August 31, 2012

Labor Day Looks

By that we mean-White Jeans! If you're a purist, this is your last weekend to wear white jeans! Here are our looks!

Look 1: Low key and chic.
Look 2: More colorful and bold for a cocktail party.
Look 3: Yellow and of course sporting those cork Jacks!

Let us know if you follow the white rule!


  1. Love the peplum! I'm not rigid about it, but I do think white's not the most winter-y color!

  2. I love white jeans too much to give them up for fall. And in LA, it's sunny year round so I can still sneak in a few wears before winter really hits. :)

  3. I am an old-fashioned Southerner when it comes to white after Labor Day. Doesn't matter how hot it is-after Labor Day no white jeans, shoes, skirts/dresses or seersucker!