Sunday, August 26, 2012

Caffeine Cutbacks

Back to school means an increased need for energy (aka caffeine). Those empty calories of soda and coffee can sure add up. Here are some of our tips to drinking more healthily!
1. Soda Substitute: Pellegrino + Lemon. You still get that carbonation with out the calories! Throw in some lemon for a little more flavor!
2. Always carry a water bottle. There are so many cute ones out there, like the Tervis Tumbler one. It helps to insure that you're always drinking water, which is so good for your body! You might even drink the recommended 8 glasses!
3. Get into tea. Tea is a great winter treat. Even though it's still warm out, you can drink fruitier teas! Passion Fruit tea is the best, and mix in some sparkling water and you have a soda substitute!
4. Try to make your own coffee. And use a french press or a keurig. That way you're only drinking one serving, and not four with a traditional coffee pot! Also, try using sugar in the raw and skim milk!

But...we know you need Starbucks sometimes! (we all do...) Here is a list of drinks under 100 Calories!

Of course, it's still ok to drink a soda from time to time, no need to deprive yourself!

How do you cutback on caffeine?


  1. Oh man I miss the days when I could be oblivious to the calorie count in my Starbucks Frappucino. We don't use a Keurig in our house but we have an espresso maker so our daily cups of coffee pack a wallop in one glass!

  2. I really need to cut back on caffeine; I have a problem! I usually get iced skinny vanilla lattes, though!