Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Airport Chic

In yesterday's post, we mentioned we would throw out some outfit suggestions for traveling, so, here they are!

  • In general, we wear pants on the airport. It's often cold in airports and on the plane.
  • Bringing a scarf or a pashmina is always a good way to stay warm, and it can double as a blanket on the plane.
  • We also like flats. They are easy on and off for security, and still comfortable.
  • Longchamps are our favorite carry on bags. They hold a lot, they're lightweight, and they are easy to clean in case you get something on them!

Look #1: Leggings and a sweater. Throw on a long sleeved tee underneath, and you're comfy while still put together.
Look #2: This one is a little more formal, so if you're heading somewhere straight from the airport, this is a good option. (added bonus: If you're planning on bringing a blazer, it's a great idea to wear it on the plane. It's a major suitcase space saver.)
Look #3: Another casual yet put together look. You can't go wrong with jeans and a cute pullover!

Do you have any other favorite airport looks? Any neat tricks for us?


  1. I love look 1! And Longchamps are the best for traveling!

  2. I wore an outfit similar to #2 the last time I flew! :) There are far too many people in sweatpants. Ick.

  3. Love the outfits. especially the first one and the third!