Monday, March 12, 2012

MYMM: The Art of Conversation

The art of conversation is something definitely deteriorating. We both have had a lot of experience conversing with elders, and we're so thankful! Here are tips for holding conversations with your elders!

  • Introduce yourself with a strong handshake. Make sure you introduce yourself. If it's someone your parents know, make sure you say their names. Example: Hello Mr. Smith. My name is Alyssa Jones, my parents are Chris and Susan Jones. It's so important to make the connection with your parents, especially if you have a common last name. HANDSHAKES ARE CRUCIAL. I cannot stress this enough. I (C) have had multiple lectures about handshakes from my father. When I was younger, my dad would correct me on the spot (and embarrass me purposely) if my handshakes were weak. (for the record: I only let that happened about twice!)
  • Make eye contact the whole time. Also so important. You look unconfident if you don't make eye contact, and it's also super rude.
  • Ask them about their children/job. It shows you're interested and not another "selfish teenager." It will definitely be easier to hold a conversation with follow up questions etc.
  • Don't use slang. It's so easy to let it slip. It's not a problem if you're talking to your friends, but can come off as disrespectful to an adult.
  • If you get into an awkward position, talk about a neutral topic. Talk about anything neutral! The weather, your local sports teams, the gorgeous drapes, anything you can come up with. Follow the standard rule: no religion or politics!
Keep minding your manners!!

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  1. Great advice! I never thought about slang; that's a good point.