Saturday, March 3, 2012

Put A Little Spring Into Your Step!

So, it's still on March 3rd. That should not stop us from trying to bring a little bit of spring to our lives! Here are a few fun ways to sneak in spring :)

Bright nail polish is the best. We love the new Essie spring collection. You can always see something bright as you're typing away! I (C) am currently wearing the light green-Navigate Her!
In our effort to drink more tea, this is one special treat to add tea in! This drink screams spring and summer to us. Best of all, a grande is only 130 calories, so it won't blow your day away!
Nothing says spring like a bright cardigan. It won't look out of place to wear something fun now that it's March! We love the J.Crew Jackie cardigan and all of the fantastic colors it comes in this season!
Some light reading instantly says "lazy day by the water." It's a great way to break up reading all of those textbooks! 
How do you like to add spring into your lives? We hope you have a great Saturday!


  1. Omg you're killing me!!! As much as I love Italy, I miss so many things about being in the states and you've hit a few of the top ones on this list--- starbucks, essie nail polish, and Jackie cardigans!!! Luckily I brought a little supply of Jackie cardigans and Essie nail polish with me! xox

  2. Jeannie, So sorry!! Hopefully you can find a Starbucks somewhere! In the mean time, Have a fantastic time in Italy! xoxo,C

  3. Loving Essie's spring collection! And I cannot wait for spring/summer Starbucks!