Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't Rain on My Parade

We've been seeing lots of rain throughout the country this past week!! Of course, staying well protected and still cute in less than ideal weather is important. Here are a few of our favorites!
So many people love and swear by this jacket! It's not too expensive, and there are a myriad of fabulously bright shades available.
You didn't think that we could write a post about rain apparel and not include Hunter Wellies? We both have multiple pairs, and love them! For chillier weather, the liners are darling!
A darling umbrella. C got one recently when she got caught in a bind, and loves it!! It's so cute, and you're sure to make everyone jealous as you parade in the rain!

Less Expensive Options

What a steal! At $22.80, you can't find much of a better deal. This will serve those of us on a budget well. The two tones are so great together.
A darling and less expensive option than Hunters! Polka Dots will surely brighten up a rainy day!
It's a steal at only $14.99, and so darling. This is the perfect wallet friendly option to just leave in your car, should you be caught in a torrential down pour!

And for the inspiration to write the post...

Need we say more? Classic.

How do you protect yourself in inclement weather? Let us know about your favorites!

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  1. I looove the look of Hunter's! And the VV rain slicker is pretty adorable, too.