Monday, March 5, 2012

MYMM: Airports

Many of us are traveling for break or will be traveling soon. Airports are inevitable.  Of course, people's behavior is often horrendous. Here are our ways we maintain our composure at the airport.

1. Dress appropriately. We know that this isn't an issue for most of you, but how many times do you see people dressed in oversized sweats and baggy tee shirts? In fact, we find it that way more often than not. Keep watching for some outfit suggestions.
2. Be prepared at security. Make sure you're taking off your jewelry, emptying pockets, and taking your liquids out. No one likes to be held up in line.
3. Be efficient when entering the plane. Another irritating thing is waiting for people to get their luggage from the overhead bins. If you can't lift it yourself, check it.
4. Don't take up too much room in the seat. It can be difficult to sit on a 3 hour flight when the person next to you is in your "personal bubble." Also, if the person wishes to sleep, read etc, try to be as quiet as  possible.
5. Lastly, thank everyone. From security to flight attendants to the pilot, it's so important to thank them!  I always notice that they really appreciate when someone goes out of the way to say thank you.

Keep minding those manners!


  1. Airports are one of my favorite places on earth! I love traveling and flying and people watching but, I agree with all of this. There is nothing worse than being stuck behind a slow person in security!

  2. Great points! And the overhead bins are probably the most annoying thing ever invented.