Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How To: Find Volunteer Opportunities for the Summer

Alright, we all know giving back is super important. However, not all of us have the time, or even know where to start. Many of us will have time over the summer, and now is the best time to start before things fill up!

1. Figure out the kind of work you want to do. Do you want to work with the physically challenged? impoverished children? the elderly? animals?
2. Once you figure that out, do a google search for sites in your town. Once you have a little bit more of a handle on your city, it's going to get a lot easier.
3. Talk to your family and family friends. Someone is bound to have connections for you. Bonus: lots of volunteer work could eventually lead to an internship!
4. If you want to go abroad, look some more. You'll have a harder time finding these trips, but they can pay off! Check around through churches and youth groups, and national programs as well!
5. If you pick something local, spend or shadow there for a day. You'll know if it is the right fit before you commit totally!
6. Try to get others involved!
7. If you fall in love with your organization, raise awareness! It can be a great way to open doors for other people, and it can be as easy as tweeting or posting a facebook link!

So, instead of sitting around this summer, get out there and do some volunteer work!!

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  1. As someone who works for a non-profit...i LOVE this! Also, just to add to number 1 figure out what you want to DO, ex social media/web design, fundraising, office work, help with a day program, etc. Knowing specific tasks you want to do will help the non-profit find the ideal volunteer position for you and enhance in your volunteer experience!