Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts...and everything is pastel colored!

 I can't say enough amazing things about Bermuda. Its a tropical island where the weather is perfect, the beaches have "pink" sand and crystal clear water, and the houses/buildings are pastel colored! Every summer, my family and I (A) take a family trip to Bermy (what me and my sis call it) and it never gets boring. The beauty of the island is breathtaking.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share the beauty of Bermy with you all and encourage you to visit this amazingly beautiful place!

Private beach at the resort where we stayed. Do you see the pinkish tint?!

We usually stay at the Elbow Beach Resort in Paget (the region of Bermuda) which is shown on the left and stay in the appropriately named Bird of Paradise Cottage shown on the right. 

The people ride around on mopeds like crazies. They go SO fast on the winding roads of Bermuda. A bit dangerous...but so fun. If you get a chance, try the mopeds. 

Ever wonder where the term 'Bermuda shorts' came from? Yep, thats right. From this lovely island! Seriously, the business men all wear pastel colored Bermuda shorts. #swoon

Ahh yes, the pastel colored shops! The capital, Hamilton, is home to some wonderful stores and restaurants. The Pickled Onion was always my favorite Hamilton restaurant. Fun story: I bought my first Longchamp bag at a store in Hamilton when I was 13! #memories

And of course, more pastels! The houses here are beautifully painted with pretty pastels and white colored roofs. So happy and colorful!

Ahhh how wonderful would it be to be there right now?


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