Friday, March 23, 2012

To Wear or Not To Wear: Baseball Caps

I (A) have a bit of an obsession with baseball hats. I am 100% that girl that wants to pull off that preppy/classic/sporty look with my guy friends' hat that I stole from him the day before. 

So there are two basic ways to wear a baseball cap: 

1. When you're slumming it. You seek comfort in a "borrowed" Vineyard Vines baseball hat from your best guy friend because you actually don't want to put any effort into your outfit.

Often worn with:
  • Running shorts (Norts)
  • Rainbows/Havaianas 
  • College T-shirt
  • Patagonia 
  • Perfectly messy hair
i.e. When you're running errands, doing outdoorsy things that actually may require wearing a hat to protect skin from sunburn, when you're feeling anti-social and don't want to stop to talk to anyone (commonly paired with sunglasses). 

2. When you want to look effortlessly classic but still have to put in the effort towards looking effortlessly classic.

Often worn with:
  • Simple flats
  • Bean Boots
  • Riding boots
  • Quilted Jacket/Barbour
  • Cableknit sweater 
  • (Casual) oxford/ polo
  • Jeans (blue, black, white, red...)
  • Cords
i.e. Outdoor sporting events that require a more put together look on your part, bad hair days (yikes, can't let anyone know that you don't actually have perfect hair), any casual event that requires you to look effortlessly and casually...perfect. 

Here are some of our favorites (not including hot neighbor's college squash team cap "borrowed" from the last neighborhood beach outing, mom's and dad's old college hats, best guy friends lacrosse team cap)...



  1. I have this obsession, and it's always a white cap with a navy logo. For years it was my favorite Ralph Lauren with a navy pony until our puppy chewed my beloved cap. Now I'm on the cusp of deciding between a Vineyard Vines or a Southern Tide. White and Navy of course!

  2. You can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren anything- including baseball hats!

    I have a couple of GongShow Gear (hockey clothing line) hats that I wear all the time in the summer.

  3. I looooove baseball caps! My favorites are from college bookstores and from Vineyard Vines!!