Friday, March 30, 2012

A's March Favorites

One month closer to graduation...kinda freaking me out. Anyways, March was a great month and I don't know about you all, but I definitely experienced the "madness". 

This month I've been loving...

During this awkward weather transition mixed with a little rain, my Barbour has come in handy all month! I love it. 

This is the St Christopher's pendant (worn to ensure safe travels) I got from my aunt for my birthday. I literally wore it every single day this month and I'm obsessed with the color. 

I'm currently wearing Essie's 'Haute as Hello' and I'm in love!! Its the perfect shade of coral for spring and I know this sounds weird but it actually makes you look tan! Its from the Summer 2010 collection, so its not actually available on Essie's website, but it may still be available in your local nail salon. Its available here

Lana Del Rey's album 'Born to Die' has been on repeat on my iPod all month! She may not be for everyone, but I'm obsessed with her sultry and haunting (in the best way possible) voice. I'm also a huge fan of her pin-up girl look! 
Each morning, I fill my two Siggs (Keith Haring design, naturally) with lemon water and try to drink both bottles throughout the day. The lemony zest to the water has really made it easier for me to drink both bottles, not to mention that the lemon is so healthy! I've even observed less break outs on my face this month as a result of drinking the lemon water. You should try it! 



  1. I keep meaning to add lemon to my water but I keep forgetting to buy lemons! I'll have to work on that... Have a great weekend!

  2. I definitely want a Barbour! And I love adding lime to my Camelbak; so yummy!

  3. Do you know where your aunt got you that turquoist saint Christopher necklace? It's beautiful!