Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Slow Down

We typically let ourselves get into a Sunday rush. We're scrambling to study, do homework, run errands. So this Sunday, we suggest that everyone "slow down." Here are a few fun things to do!

Brunch or breakfast is a great way to end one week and start another. Grab some friends or your family and have a leisurely brunch!
Of course, we don't always have a few hours to kill on Sundays. (Either that or we want to sleep in!) Sit down to coffee whether you hit up Starbucks, or make your own latte. Sit down and enjoy!
We all have that stack of magazines or newspapers we've been meaning to read. Sit down and just read! It's the perfect time to catch up on current affairs.
Take a walk or run. Most of us have had some gorgeous weather! Take advantage of the weather if you can. It's a great way to clear your head. Why not call up a friend and invite him or her on a Sunday stroll?
Lastly, lay in bed. Give yourself an extra little bit in bed! Lounge, sleep, listen to music, just breathe! 

We hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and take some time to yourself! Let us know what you're doing this Sunday!


  1. I love Sundays (but that might be because I don't work on Mondays)! I came home this weekend, so I'm off to Brunch with longtime friends and then a 3 hour drive back. Happy Sunday!

  2. Amen to this. Love my Sundays! I have Sunday dinner at home and then Chapter usually, which always renews me and relaxes me for the week- but before then, it's just relaxation!

  3. Great ideas! Haha, I need to stop putting off homework until Sunday so I can actually do some of them.