Friday, March 2, 2012

Signature "Face": A's Edition

To be completely honest, I typically don't wear a full face of make up to school. When it comes choosing between an extra 10 minutes of sleep and apply the works onto my face, I usually go with sleep. Despite that, I usually have enough time in the morning to put cover up on if necessary and mascara. But when I do put on a full face of make up, these are my favorite products...

I admittedly discovered this primer/foundation duo when I was rummaging through my mother's makeup bag and I have not turned back since. I swear by this stuff. So lightweight and so natural looking. 

Great concealer and is very moisturizing. Little pick me up when you're running on little sleep and those heinous little bags start forming under your eyes or when you see a breakout surfacing.

The primer and eyeshadow duo is perfection and literally stays on for over 24 hours. Don't ask how I know that...lolz. Unfortunately they don't make my favorite shade (Pearl N 08), but I also really like "So Elegant N 51" and "Dying for Fudge N 60".

I use this combination of Covergirl's Lash Blast Fusion and Estee Lauder's Projectionist High Definition Volume Mascara for my eyelashes. The combination is some weird level of perfection that cannot be explained. Just try it. 

The best eyeliner I've tried in a while. Better than all the pricier ones and only like $8!

I totally agree with C on this one...Orgasm is the best blush! A classic.

Chanel's Levres Scintillantes Glossimer is the most amazing pinky-nude shade of gloss. So subtle and natural looking but adds so much to your look. 

Hope you all enjoyed this! Let me know if you have had the same experiences with these products or want to suggest any products for C and I!



  1. NARS blush is seriously the best ever! And I'll have to try that liner!

  2. I just bought Smashbox Primer today! Can't wait to try it! XO