Saturday, March 10, 2012


So, not everyone is traveling this break. While A and C will both be traveling in the next few weeks,
here is what we would do if we were having a "staycation" instead!

  • Go explore your own city! Chances are, you have some really cool museums and other sites that you haven't explored, right at home. Gather up some friends or family and go to the zoo or your Art Museum!
  • Markets. How fun would it be to go and get food from a farmers market and prepare a dinner for friends or family?
  • Sleep and Relax. Most of us get majorly behind on sleep during school. Try to use this to catch up on sleep, watch movies, watch trashy tv, etc.
  • Read. The sad reality is, most of us don't get to read for pleasure during the school year. Try and pick something that you want to read, and not your professor's choice!
  • Clean. Yes, not everyone's favorite activity, but a great way to donate old clothes and get organized for spring and summer!
  • Lastly, spend time with friends and family. Self explanatory, but so important. College students: take advantage of reconnecting with your high school friends!
Are you going on a vacation or having a staycation?

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  1. I'm going to Florida, but these are great ideas! I love exploring different neighborhoods in my city.