Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's In Our Bags!

Someone on Tumblr asked if we would do one of these posts! So here we go!
C's Bag
Wallet, Compact, Notepad, Kleenex, Coin Purse, ID etc wristlet, sunglasses (x2), mini brush, Lilly Croakies, aquaphor, mints, wristlet with emergency items, and a random pony tail holder!

(I apologize for the terrible quality photo...#blackberryproblems)
A's Bag
Wallet, Vera Bradley ID pouch (purple floral pattern), Rosebud Salve, pink ribbon (never know when you might need one...), gum, deodorant, clear nail polish, Nivea "A Kiss of Smoothness" lip product, sandal with mini scissors/nail clipper/tape inside, Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses (pink case), Vera Bradley pouch for feminine products (pink floral pattern), hair ties, iPod video (old school, right?). 

Yay, this was fun! 



  1. I just changed to my 'spring' purse this morning. Since it's smaller than my fall/winter bags (which are totes), I had to downsize what I carry with me.