Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Forward with Spring Cleaning

Its time to "spring forward"! Despite the (awful) minor detail of losing an hour of precious sleep, we could not be more excited for springtime! With that said, today is a great way to do some spring cleaning in preparation for the change in season. Here are some of our spring cleaning tips: 

  • Organize your closet/drawers: I (A) usually keep my closets and drawers organized by season. Whenever the seasons start changing, I put whatever clothes I'll be wearing most often towards the front of my closets and drawers for easy access. When sifting through my clothes, I also use it as an opportunity to take some items out of my collection and donate to charity. If you feel like you have a shirt that you really haven't worn during the previous season, do something good and donate it to a clothing drive of sorts! 
Hate to say it, but I think Aiden is right...

  • Clean your room: So we admit it, during the shuffle of things we can let the cleanliness of our room slip a bit. Looking around our rooms right now, there are nail polish bottles, books, and papers everywhere! Picking up all of the random items from around your room and organizing them neatly is such a simple way to start spring on a positive (and clean) way! Clean room=clean mind. 
  • Organize your binders/folders: If you are a student, this is a great opportunity to clean out or organize your school binders and folders. Some of us may be recovering from midterms, some of us may be entering a new grading quarter, and some of us may just be in desperate need of some organizing! Whatever it may be, just do it! 
  • Clean your desktop: Take the "spring forward" as an opportunity to clean your computer desktop. Start organizing by creating folders to put all of your files in, as opposed to having files scattered across your desktop. Believe it or not, you'll notice quite a difference when you turn on your computer to a tidy desktop. 
  • Clean out your "friends list": Admittedly, we do actually have some "friends" on Facebook that really aren't actually our friends. Go through your friends list and really consider if you actually talk to have the people on there. Sometimes there are a few randos that slip through the cracks and onto your friends list. Promise you won't regret it. 

Don't forget to turn your clocks forward.*

*Only if you don't have clocks that automatically do so, of course. Don't be that person who ends up with a clock that springs forward 2 hours and is an hour early for everything!


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  1. I realllly need to clean out my closet, haha! Same with my Facebook list.