Thursday, March 29, 2012

C's March Favorites

I can't believe another month has gone by! We're already 1/4 through 2012! Here are my faves this month!

Starbucks Tazo Passion Tea via
So I only really drink water, and I drink a lot of hot tea in the winter! I love some of the ones featured in this post here, but I like more fruity for spring and summer. This is my new favorite! I've literally been drinking this unsweetened all month. Tea drinkers, it's the same tea that is in their passion iced tea lemonade.
Urban Decay Naked2 Palette via
I've had the original Naked palette since summer. I got this one for my birthday, and I love it. It's all I have been wearing since I got it. It's actually still different from the first Naked!
Tory Burch Kendrick Drivers via
I received these for my birthday at the end of February, and I love them so much! I've been wearing them with everything, from chino shorts to jeans. They are such great loafers that I'll wear for years to come!
The Wall About You App! via
I've been making these 24/7 on this new app. I can honestly say that I change my background everyday, to a new monogram, of course! It's well worth the $1.99
Lilly Pulitzer Notebook via
I am a total list maker. I always have a notebook of lists going. I recently finished off my old notebook, a pretty generic one from Target. I decided to switch it up to something more fun! The cover is super heavy, and I am a total convert to these mini notebooks!

What have been your favorites this month? Let us know!
Watch for A's favorites tomorrow!!



  1. I love seeing your favourites...great variety of stuff! I write about a "favourite" every Friday.

  2. Need to get that app! And those loafers are perfection!